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Obtain balance in your physical and emotional well-being in order to Move Better, Feel Better, Be Better!

Erin Calhoun M.S., NKT

Masters of Science Kinesiology
Bachelor of Arts Biology

NeuroKinetic Therapy
Voila Method
RockPod Cupping
Functional Movement Screen
ACE Orthopedic Exercise Specialist
AFPA Rehabilitative Exercise Specialist
AFPA Certified Yoga Instructor/Yoga Therapist

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How Does Holistic Kinesiology Work?

Voila Method

The Voila Method was developed to assess structural joint alignment and balance the body chakras via off-body energy work. This modality connects mind and body by addressing both the physical and emotional aspects that contribute to chronic pain.

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NeuroKinestic Therapy is a hands-on manual muscle testing tool used to assess neuromuscluar function. This allows to me to better understand how the motor control center of the brain is relaying information to the body.

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Lymphatic Mojo

Assessment, massage and drainage of one of the most important systems for a healthy immune system. Lymph nodes filter cellular waste and rid the body of toxins.

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RockPod Cupping

RockPods are flexible rubber cups used to improve blood flow and help alleviate tension. I use them in the office for quick, efficient tissue mobilization and neurmuscular retraining.

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RockTape is a brand of kinesiotape that I use to aid the facilitation of the work done in the office, that will have lasting effects outside the office. Various taping techniques can be used to relieve muscle tension, alleviate bruising and swelling, improve posture, and help negate soreness post-performance.

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Soma System

The Soma System includes massage tools of various sizes and densities to assit with in-office tissue and joint mobilization.

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Initial Consultation

The initial visit consists of assessment of the client's structural alignment, neuromuscular function, lymphatic system, organ function, and energy baseline with regard to body position and movement.
1 hour $100

Follow Up

The client will undergo a full re-evaluation of alignment and function, at which point any changes can be addressed.
30-60 min $75

Yoga Therapy

These hour-long sessions are designed to incorporate a full chakra assessment followed by a tailor-made yoga session to release emotional tension in the area(s) associated with the unbalanced chakra(s). This custom yoga therapy session can be a great alternative to, or used in conjunction with, traditional talk therapy. Everyone expresses themselves differently, so it is important to honor those differences and find a balance that works best for you to learn to acknowledge, work through, and resolve pent up physical and/or emotional stress that can manifest as physical symptoms.

Client Evaluation


Hear what satisfied clients have to say, in their own words!

"Erin thank you so much for our homework! We both were so impressed with your knowledge and approach to our (Mark's) unique issues. We look forward to reporting on our progress and seeing your at the gym for some tweaking".

“I have worked with Erin on a variety of muscle aches for a few months now. She was very knowledgeable about how aches are caused, and what muscle groups were misfiring. She helped me greatly by releasing tight muscles, but by also giving me exercises to address my issues. I would definitely recommend working with Erin to address muscle issues as she really helped me in a short period of time” .

“Erin is amazing!!! She not only helped my neck pain that I had been dealing with for years…she helped me to move better, and I am stronger than I’ve ever been. Everyone, whether they are in pain or not, would benefit from a session with her”.

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